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You arrived safely at your destination and now it’s time to relax with oxygen at your room!

There are some things that you should know, to enjoy your stay at the accommodation you’ve chosen.

1) Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) and Stable Concentrators can be a little noisy so if you’ re planning to stay in a hotel, motel etc. inform during your booking that you will have supplemental oxygen device in your room.

2) For your convenience ask for a room near the elevators or at the ground floor.

3) Some hotels provide supplemental oxygen, so ask during your booking.

4) The room that you will stay in, must be clean and dust free.

5) Chlorine is bad for the lungs, so ask during your booking or at the reception to clean your room with chlorine free products if it’s possible.

6) Avoid to swim in indoor pools. The smell of the chlorine might intensify the symptoms of your lung disease.

7) If you have arranged for a rental oxygen device or oxygen tanks/cylinders to wait for you at you, your accommodation contact the supplier to inform about your arrival.

8) Use the power supply as much as possible.

9) Charge your batteries whenever you can.

Aim of is to help people who suffer from COPD or other respiratory diseases and are on oxygen therapy, as well as their families, to live their life as anybody else, and see the world!

Living with supplemental oxygen doesn’t mean that you must stay at home and restrict your travels. Travelling and getting out of the everyday routine is helpful and refreshing for the patients mental and physical health.

Choose a place to travel, discuss with your doctor and enjoy your trip!

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