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Vaccination Certificate in USA

Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination

EU digital COVID certificate

EU digital COVID certificate

What is the EU digital COVID certificate?

All EU citizens who

  • have been vaccinated
  • have tested negative
  • recovered from COVID-19

are able to prove it with a digital certificate called the EU digital COVID certificate.

The certificate is issued for free by their national authorities and recognised by all EU 27 member states as well as Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

The certificate is available in a national language and English. It consists of a QR code displayed on a device (like a smartphone or a tablet) or printed, and a digital signature, verified via EU Gateway.

How does the EU digital COVID certificate make travelling within the EU easier?

The certificate makes it easier for you to travel safely through the EU by showing that you have been vaccinated, had a negative test result or recovered from COVID-19.

The EU digital COVID certificate has a speedy verification process and helps preventing the use of fake certificates across the EU.

The certificate alone is not a travel document. It isn’t enough to travel, you still need your passport or another form of identification.

You also don’t need to have the certificate to travel but having it should make travelling easier. If you hold a EU digital COVID certificate you should in principle be exempted from testing or quarantine.

How do I obtain my EU digital COVID certificate?

There are three ways to obtain an EU digital COVID certificate:

  1. vaccination: you are vaccinated with any COVID-19 vaccine
  2. recovered from a SARS-CoV-2 infection: less than 180 days have passed since the date of positive test result (PCR)
  3. tested negative for COVID-19: you have a negative test result (PCR or RAT)

Note: Tests recognised under the certificate include Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) tests, such as RT-PCR tests and rapid antigen tests (RAT).

Travellers should always check the applicable rules, i.e. which test is accepted to waive free movement restrictions, at the points of transit and destination. Antibody testing is not recognised, though this may change after the system is launched.

EU citizens who were vaccinated in a non-EU country can request the EU digital COVID certificate from the member state of their nationality or residence. For further information, please address your member state of nationality or residence.

Non-EU countries (and territories) that have joined the EU Digital COVID Certificate system
Faroe Islands
New Zealand
North Macedonia
San Marino
United Kingdom
The Vatican

What is the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination?

The Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination is a reliable way to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination history when travelling internationally and within Canada.

This proof

  • was developed by provinces and territories, with support from the Government of Canada
  • is a recognized, trusted document that has been shared with our international partners
  • shows your COVID-19 vaccination history
  • can be verified after you upload it into ArriveCAN (on your return to Canada)

This proof does not guarantee you entry to another country. Before you travel, you must check the rules of your destination country and the countries you transit through.

You’ll need to show your proof of vaccination when travelling in Canada by air or rail. The new Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination may be used to show that you meet this requirement.

Provinces and territories may also ask you to use this proof to access non-essential services.

How to get the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination

The Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination is available from many provinces and territories, but not all. Check here

COVID-19: Proof of vaccination in Canada

Vaccination records are issued by your province or territory. You can use the proof of vaccination to access services and to facilitate travel within and outside of Canada. This proof of vaccination is a reliable way to show your vaccination history when travelling internationally.

Vaccination Certificate United States

When is my vaccination certificate available?

A vaccination certificate is created in VAMS after a healthcare professional logs a COVID-19 vaccine dose for a recipient in VAMS.
VAMS automatically updates vaccination certificates if healthcare professionals make applicable edits to the recipient vaccination records in VAMS.

What is in my vaccination certificate?
The vaccination certificate will include information about the date(s) of COVID-19 vaccine administration, vaccine manufacturer, lot number, and clinic (vaccine administration site) name.
The recipient’s vaccination certificate only reflects the COVID-19 vaccination dose(s) documented in VAMS.

How can I use my vaccination certificate?

After the recipient receives the required number of COVID-19 vaccine dose(s) to complete the vaccination schedule, the certificate can serve as a recipient’s COVID-19 vaccination record documented in VAMS.
Recipients can access their vaccination certificate in the Recipient Portal at any time.

How can i view my vaccination certificate?

Access your Recipient Portal. Navigate to your jurisdiction’s VAMS landing page and select VAMS Recipient Login if you have a registered VAMS Recipient Account, or select Proceed as Guest if you do not have a registered VAMS Recipient Account.
If you selected VAMS Recipient Login, enter the email and password associated with your VAMS Recipient Account.
If you selected Proceed as Guest, select Manage Appointments. Enter all required information to identify your Recipient Profile.
A Confirmation Code will be sent to your preferred method of contact.
Enter this Confirmation Code into the blank field in the Verification Code pop-up window. Click Verify.
Within the Recipient Portal, select the My Appointments tab at the top of the screen.
Click the blue hyperlinked text, View Your Vaccination Certificate.
A pop-up window will display your Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination.
Generate my vaccination certificate QR code
From the pop-up window with your Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination, select Generate QR Code.
VAMS will navigate you to a separate window. In this window, create a personal identification number (PIN) for accessing your vaccination certificate.
The PIN needs to be 6–8 alphanumeric characters.
Click Save.
VAMS will return you to your Recipient Portal.
Click the blue hyperlinked text, View Your Vaccination Certificate. Your new QR code will display in the pop-up window with your Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination.
To print the QR code, select Print, located under the QR code.
To change the pin for accessing your vaccination certificate, select Change QR Code PIN. Follow the same steps as you would to initially set up your QR Code PIN.
Your QR code is ready to be scanned!
When scanned by an external user, the QR code will generate a link to an external site. The page will prompt you to enter your QR Code PIN. Enter your PIN and click Continue. Once you enter your PIN, vaccination details will display.

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