Portable Oxygen Concentrators

All the portable oxygen concentrators that you can rent or buy in order to travel with oxygen safe and carefree.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are small, portable electronic devices (PED).

POC work by separating ambient oxygen from nitrogen and other gasses in the air and provide the user with oxygen at a concentration of more than 90 percent. Briefly store a small quantity of oxygen until the POC either senses the user’s inhalation and dispenses the oxygen (pulse technology), or delivers the oxygen in a continuous flow to the user.

POCs do not contain compressed oxygen and thus do not require the same level of special handling as compressed oxygen and are safe for use on board aircraft if certain conditions for their use are met.

Note: Passengers are prohibited from carrying compressed oxygen and liquid oxygen on board aircraft. In accordance with the HMR, devices containing compressed or liquid oxygen must bear certain identifying labels