Continuous and Pulse Flow

What is the difference between pulse and continuous flow?

Portable Oxygen Concentrators – Continuous  or pulse flow?

If you want to buy or rent a POC you should be informed about the differences between Pulse and Continuous Flow.

Continuous Flow

The continuous flow machine emits oxygen constantly irrespective of whether the user is inhaling or exhaling.Air compressor compress normal air and deliver high pressure air into oxygen system.
Oxygen system ( PSA system ) is made by two cylinders filled in molecular sieves.
It separates N2 and deliver O2. The bigger two cylinders, the more molecular sieves.

More molecular sieves need more compressed air. The more compressed air, the bigger compressor and more oxygen coming out per minute. That is why big home unit could produce 5 liters 93% oxygen per minute. Because big machine has big compressor and big Oxygen system.

Some cheap small potable units will mix normal air with oxygen when you turn up its flow above 1 liter.

Pulse Flow

The pulse flow POC provides a ‘pulse’ of oxygen each time you inhale. Oxygen concentration processing won’t stop no matter continuous flow or pulse flow.
Pulse flow machine take full advantage of people exhale time.

Pulse flow has a storage system inside of machine. When people exhale, storage system will stock oxygen and stop delivering oxygen out. There is a sensor to detect people inhale action. When people inhale, sensor will activate and deliver storage oxygen out.

Pulse flow top capacity equal to triple of continuous oxygen capacity, no matter how many settings this machine has. If oxygen concentrator biggest capacity is 1 liters continuous oxygen per minute with 90% purity, its pulse flow top capacity equal to 3LPM.

Pulse vs Continuous Flow

What is the better solution for me?

The best solution is the one that keeps you healthy and covers your demands. This is depanding from your prescription and your budget.

There are some machines on the market that offer both continuous and pulse flow. These machines offer flexibility as they are great for nocturnal use, use with sleep apnea equipment and during the day on pulse dose.